Laboratory Of Developmental Biology„ Department of Life Science  Graduate School of Science and Engineering Saitama University



Ph. D. Course


Studies on the development of the isthmic organizer in vertebrate embryos

(Yukiko Nakayama).


Studies on the Role of Class V POU Factors during Vertebrate Development iAlam Khanj


Studies on the role of the fibroblast growth factor signal in vertebrate embryogenesis. (Satoshi Ota)


Transcriptional Regulation of the fgf8 Growth Factor Gene that Regulates Vertebrate Embryogenesis. (Fumitaka Inoue)
Regulatory Mechanism of the POU Family Transcription Factor that Governs the Brain Formation in Zebrafish Embryos. (Mst. Shahnaj Parvin)


Transcriptional Regulation of the gbx2 Homeobox Gene during Brain Formation in the Zebrafish Embryo.(Md. Ekramul Islam)


Molecular Mechanism That Governs the Development of the Midbrain-Hindbrain Boundary Region in Vertevrate Embryos.
(Hiroshi Kikuta)


Molecular Mechanism of the Tectal and the Cerebellar Formation in Zebrafish Embryos. (Yoshikazu Hirate)
Structure and Function of the Syndecan Core Protein in Sea Urchin Embryo. (Kazuo Tomita)


Roles of Thyroid Hormones in Metamorphosis of Sea Urchin Larvae. (Minoru Saito)

Master Course


Analysis of the EGFR-related gene in sea urchin embryos (Kazuhisa Seshita)
Developmental genetics study on a novel zebrafish mutant of head development. (Yuki Ito)
Functional analysis of the class V POU transcription factor in vertebrate brain development. (Kazumasa Takemoto)


Study on the regulatory mechanism of vertebrate brain formation using comparative genomics. (Yuri Kuroyanagi)


The study on the spatio-temporal expression patterns of dopamine receptor D1 in the sea urchin, Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus. (Naoki Kato)
The study on the thyroid hormone receptor gene in the sand dollar, Peronella japonica. (Asami Sugawara)


Studies on the role of the zebrafish Gbx2 transcription factor in brain development. (Yukiko Nakayama)
Studies on the zebrafish mutant showing abnormal jaw formation. (Mami Yoshimura)


Analysis of the sea urchin COUP-TF gene. (Kei Suzuki)


Molecular basis of the positional information in the hindbrain of vertebrate embryos. (Toshihiro Kawanabe)
Genetic analysis of the mechanism of vertebrate brain formation by mutagenesis screen. (Hisashi Arai)
Analysis of the depamin receptor involved in sea urchin metamorphosis. (Takayuki Jinnai)
Studies on the POU-type transcription factor regulating the formation of brain and body axis in zebrafish. (Andrew Nakamoto)


Regulatory mechanism of the regionally specific expression of the fgf8 gene during zebrafish development. (Yuuko Odaita)
Functions of dopamine during metamorphosis of sea urchin larvae. (Akiko Sakamoto)
Isolation of the cDNA clone for a nuclear receptor from sea urchin larvae undergoing metamorphosis. (Sachie Tamegai)


Transcriptional regulation of fgf8 during zebrafish embryogenesis. (Fumitaka Inoue)
Studies of the roles of the FGF signaling during embryogenesis through functional analysis of the FGF receptors. (Satoshi Ota)
Effects of EGIPs on spiculogenesis in sea urchin embryos. (Shoko Toyoda)


Molecular regulatory mechanism of the hindbrain development in zebrafish embryos. (Akiko Ishioka)
Analysis of the molecular mechanism of brain regionalization during vertebrate embryogenesis. (Rieko Nakamura)


Transcriptional regulation of the pou2 homeobox gene that regulates the vertebrate brain formation. (Noriko Okuyama)
Studies on the functions of the gbx2 homeobox gene in zebrafish embryogenesis. (Maiko Kanai)
Studies on the roles of the FGF signal in vertebrate development. (Noriko Fujimori)


Analysis of the structure and transcriptional regulation of the zebrafish fgf8 gene. (Saori Nagayoshi)


Analysis of the functions of the Smad transcription factors in early development of the zebrafish. (Koichi Kiimura)


Structure and functions of the zebrafish Gbx2 that regulates brain formation. (Hiroshi Kikuta)
Regulation of the stage- and tissue-specific expression of sea urchin EGIP that is expressed in the ectoderm (Keisuke Horii)


Analysis of the Smad genes expressed in zebrafish embryos. (Naoshi Nishi)


Analysis of the gene for syndecan core protein in sea urchin embryos. (Kazuo Tomita)


Regulation of the gene for the precursor of sea urchin exogastrula-inducing peptides. (Genraro Suzuki)
Analysis of the gene encoding the binding protein for the exogastrula-inducing peptide. (Yoshikazu Hirate)
Purification of the sperm lectin from Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus. (Takehira Seki)


Stucture and expression of AcSrc1, a sea urchin non-receptor tyrosine kinase gene. (Hiroshi Onodera)


Analysis of the effects of thyroid hormone on sea urchin development and the analysis of its binding protein. (Minoru Saito)
Analysis of the gene for the sperm lectin of Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus. (Manabu Hashigaki)